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Micuna cradle Nacelle natural - Cradles, bassinets - Children's furniture - Catalogue Micuna cradle Nacelle natural - Cradles, bassinets - Children's furniture - Catalogue

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Micuna cradle Nacelle natural

Code 31734 Micuna

Brief description

With an avantguard design, Nacelle combines a upholstered cot with a wooden structure.
The rocker incorporates the rocking System which allows by using a simple magnet to anchor the Nacelle microcradle to any rocking chair suitable for breast-feeding from our catalogue.
You can place your Nacelle on the right or left or in the case of twins, you can handle your two babies at the same time by placing a Nacelle on either side of your rocking chair for breast-feeding while you relax with them.

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rocker legs, carrycot, mattress,lower sheet,pillow and duvet.


Color of the rocker
white natural or chcolate. 

Carrycot colour (nest) &
white synthetic leather grey fabric or brown fabric. 

The white leather carrycot offers two textiles: it can be combined with a white fabric with grey details or a white textile with beige touches.

The carrycot's grey fabric is sold in combination with the white - gray textile. The carrycot's brown fabric combines with the white-beige fabric.

Textile features 
Piconela patch and embroidery.

Features of the nest
It can also be used as an independent nest without rocker.

Textile composition
Synthetic Leather for external apparel